Dynasand as biofilter in RAS

NP Innovation expands in Norway and launches continous sand filter for fish farming.

The decision to set up an office was made earlier this year to further support the aquaculture market along with our long-term partner Sterner AS. The new Norwegian sales support team consists of Bjarte Landro and Henrik Grundvig, both which have been working with aquaculture technologies for many years.

“We are currently introducing DynaSand continous sand filter for fish farming. This filter type has been used in other industries for more than 30 years, but is still new to aquaculture”, says Henrik Grundvig.

The filter has proven itself as both efficient remover of fine particles and for nitrification and denitrification. Low head and continuous filtration – meaning that the backwash does not affect the filter operation – makes the filter ideal for aquaculture.

“Tests are now under way and we hope to have more documentation soon. Results so far are very promising with very nice and clear filtrate water”, says Bjarte Landro.