Our degasser program is a result of the various demands for self-cleaning degasser solutions with supreme efficiency, removing CO2, improving water quality and reducing investment costs.

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Degasser for CO2

Our degassers are of cascade type with self-cleaning ability. Water and air flow directions are concurrent. The fill media is made of horizontal layers of PP-panels, each with many small channels for the falling water to pass through. At this passage the water accelerates air downwards, and simultaneously with heavy turbulence CO2 is transferred to the air. The design is module based to achieve low manufacturing cost and easy installation in existing plants.

The basic outline of degasses are either rectangular or cylindrical design.

Different types of degassers

We currently carry 5 different types of degassers in our product range:

Type H, Type P, Type PI, Type F and Type P-F.

These degassers are available in as both freestanding units and as modules for installation in a chamber.

Free standing degassers

Freestanding degassers with bottom tank:

  • Rectangular freestanding type (H)
  • Cylindrical freestanding type outdoor (P)
  • Cylindrical freestanding type indoor (PI)

Frame version degassers for chamber installation

Frame version degassers without tank for installation in concrete chamber:

Rectangular type (F)
Cylindrical type (P-F)

Cylindrical versus rectangular design

The new cylindrical NP CO2-degasser types (P, PI and F-P) works with the same principle as the standard rectangular (H and F), but the media is formed in vertical cylinders, and the hydraulic load per m2 of degassing media is 2-3 times higher. This design gives better self-cleaning effect and less footprint compared to the rectangular type. However, the rectangular types are often preferred for high salinity applications.

Size range and material used for CO2-degassers:

CO2-degassers are available in 800 – 18000 l/min standard sizes.
Material choices: Stainless steel EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4462.
Fill media: PP

Replacing the filters

Replacing filters is easy, and can be done quickly by a single person.

Available downloads:

Product overview PDF

Product brochure PDF

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