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Microscreen Filtration


In land based aquaculture, particle filtering and degassing play an important role in both securing in-fluent water, recycling and effluent treatment. Particle filters of high efficiency is the key to intensive aquaculture as well as nutrient recovery from effluent.


Particle filtration is a preferred solution in many types of process industri with high organic and particle content. Particle filters are used both for profitable re-cycling of water as well as meeting public demands for effluent treatment.


Municipal effluent treatment is developing fast, from a regulatory management philosophy to an increasing focus on nutrient recovery and sustainable operation. Particle filters play a key role in several processes related to effective operation.


Microscreen Filtration


The NP Drumfilter is a mechanical, self-cleaning microscreen filter designed for high performance in water-treatment systems where it’s essential to minimize particle break-up.

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NP Innovation Discfilter


The NP Discfilters, the 19 & 22-series are based on the same modular design as our successful NP Drumfilter series, plus new developments to adapt the disc filter technology for aquaculture criteria. These developments sets the NP Discfilter to the most optimized disc filter solution on the aquaculture market.

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NP CO2 Degasser

CO2 Degassers

Our degasser program is a result of the various demands for self-cleaning degasser solutions with supreme efficiency, both improving water quality and reducing investment costs.

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Dynasand is widely used worldwide to clean and produce water for drinking, wastewater treatment and industrial processes.

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Concept Video

See some examples illustrating the application of, and how the NP filtration systems work in this animated video.

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